“Swings like mad”

“Jack Cotterill has all the attributes of a great jazz drummer. He has a deep knowledge of jazz history, is a master of dynamics, and is very much a team player. Most importantly though, he swings like mad”

Alan Barnes – Multi award winning Saxophonist – London

Jack grew up in a family of musicians. His Dad Robert, and Grandad Pete Cotterill were both prestigious Jazz drummers. Being surrounded by drums from a very early age, it was sure that Jack was going to grow up to be another Cotterill drummer.

At the age of 13 Jack started to go to the his local Jazz night in Alsager, at the Horseshoe. Sitting in for a few numbers with various professional musicians from all over the country. At the age of 14 he started playing with the local Jazz bands, and then went on the land a full time gig with a touring Jazz band. He also began his own band ‘The Cheshire Cats’, with some of the finest musicians the northwest had to offer. At the age of 14 Jack and his family made the decision that he should leave school to pursue a full time career in music. He became home schooled to allow more flexibility for his touring. He has never looked back since!

Jack has gone on to play and record with some of the worlds finest musicians, fulfilling his dream to become a professional, live musician. He is now delving into the booking world to provide the best bands for the best venues, while still playing live shows all over Europe.

Contact – Jackcotterillmusic@gmail.com