‘Time Takes A Cigarette’

Here is an album which I recorded in August 2012, I was 19 at the time! I wanted to get together with some of my friends and favourite musicians to record some music which I loved. Can you guess where the album name comes from?

There’s a huge cross mix of genres on the album. Everything from Pop, Blues, Jazz, Rock, and to New Orleans. There’s a real throwback to my youth with our version of David Bowies ‘Rock n Roll Suicide’, I used to spend my days as a child skateboarding, listening to this through a pair of headphones and a Sony portable tape player. Then right through to modern day New Orleans, with a the tune ‘Big Fat Hen’ which I heard Wynton Marsalis play and instantly fell in love with. Then back to old school Blues with Jimmy Witherspoon singing ‘When I Been Drinkin’. I first heard this tune on an album called ‘Live at the Renaissance’. You should definitely check that album out, the atmosphere on that album is unmatched.

I had planned to release this album straight after we recorded it in 2012, and I’m not sure why I never did. I thought it was a good recording then, and I still do now. At that time in my life my main priority was to party, so I was probably too busy getting drunk in a bar somewhere. Or more likely hungover!

The reason why I’m releasing this album now is firstly, because I want everyone to hear it, music is there to be shared. Secondly, on a slightly sadder note. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, myself and every other musician in the world have lost their job for the foreseeable future. Not only have we lost our passion, love, our life, but we have also lost our income. This is a way of me still being able to be creative, but at the same if you were to buy the album, I would be very grateful. It’s killing a few birds at the same time so to speak!

It features the wonderful vocals of TJ Johnson & Suzanne Mott. Trumpet by Jamie Brownfield. The rhythm section features Tom Kincaid on piano, Jim Swinnerton on bass, and yours truly on drums. Even 8 years on, we’re all still friends, making music and working together!

I’d just like to wish all my friends, family, audience, and everyone else all the best in this very difficult time. Let’s hope we can all get back to normal as soon as possible! I hope you enjoy the music.

Stay safe




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    Recorded by Dave Turner 2012