“A total musician’s musician”


“Like any truly great jazz musician, and he’s certainly played with a few, Jack is not only naturally very talented and fully in command and control of the language of jazz but is also versatile and flexible, able to respond instantly to what happens around him and to offer the perfect accompaniment. I have heard Jack adapt beautifully to the intricacies and dialogues of a piano trio, play truly thrilling, headlong swing behind top class Dixieland and swing bands and play New Orleans street beats with an all too rare passion and understanding.

Jack is sadly something of a rarity among jazz drummers these days but it’s always a delight to see and hear as talented a player as he avoid the grand standing solos and tricks of all too many of his contemporaries and instead concentrate on swinging hard and bringing out the best in the rest of his band mates.”-

John Burgess – Keswick Jazz Festival organiser and Saxophonist



Jack has been an established drummer for a number of years now. He started playing on the professional jazz scene from the ripe young age of 14.

Jack had been surrounded by drums and jazz from a very early age as his Dad and Grandad were both established, and respect professional jazz drummers.He started out by playing to his dads jazz records in his bedroom, much to his neighbours delight. Then started to go down to his local jazz nights at the Horseshoe in Alsager. Finally he landed a full time gig with a touring jazz band at the age of 14. This gave him the exposure all over the UK, and his career has gone from strength to strength ever since.


He is known for his simplistic and ‘in the groove’ approach to playing. Delicate, but driving drumming. With a natural swing which is rarely equaled. Taking great inspiration from the great swinging drummers like Ed Thigpen, Art Blakey, Barrett Deems, Danny Barcelona, Jeff Hamilton. Jack also has a love for the drummers from New Orleans. Studying the likes of Herlin Riley and Shannon Powell.
Jack has had the pleasure of playing and recording with some of the worlds finest Jazz musicians on a regular basis. Playing with European greats like legendary Roy Williams, Dave Newton, Dave Green, Alan Barnes, Martin Taylor, Rossano Sportiello. To American stars Lucien Barbarin and Leroy Jones of the Harry Connick Jr band. His career has taken him all over Europe and Scandinavia playing some of the finest festivals and clubs. From the likes of Haugesund Jazz Festival in Norway, to Davos Sounds good in Switzerland, to Edinburgh Jazz and Blues festival in the UK.
Jack has a number of drum kits inherited from his family. His current set up is a Pearl DLX Bop kit from the 80s, or a 70s Gretsch kit for bigger venues. Along with his cherished custom snare drum by the late Johnny Craviotto, Zildjian cymbals, and not forgetting the trusty 7A Vic Firth sticks.